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USA Becoming Less Christian Education or Radicalization?
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The Original Sin of the Nation Part II
May 2024
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A conflict that had been expected for weeks has now turned into an agonizing standoff in which Russia has caused untold long-distance damage. On the other hand, the Ukrainian forces have caused serious damage to the Russian armies, however, Ukraine is about to have no more combat contingent. What to do in this case? The last note that Vladimir Putin has on his schedule is a nuclear detonation.
The loss of polar ice is one of the most threatening results of global warming. The polar ice, and mountain glaciers have a protective function that we must not destroy. It is central to life on the planet that the polar ice caps and permanent snow remain intact. The life of many species, phyto-regulatory systems and our own lives can experience dramatic changes.
Climate change and global warming affect the whole world, that is a fact, we cannot hide. However, due to their geographical position, some cities are much more vulnerable than others. If you live in any of these cities, prepare your departure; the sooner the better.
No more meat! It is the law. One hundred grams of natural meat per month is the consumption rate approved per person, by the governments of the signatory countries as one of the last resources to dramatically reduce the generation of methane and CO2 and reduce water consumption to the lowest possible levels.
While the cost of living in the country is rising by leaps and bounds by the day, we are sending hundreds of billions of dollars to Mr. Zelensky to stop the Russian armies. Here at home, thousands of people are taking only fractions of their medications due to the exorbitant increases in the prices of both essential items and medicines. The question that many of us are asking is: Should we compromise the country's economy for years to come to help Ukraine?
Plastic is part of our lives. Wherever we are, we can identify the presence of plastics around us. In our vehicles, in our living room, in our workplace, in the clinic of the doctor we visit, in the restaurants where we eat, everywhere, we have plastics. We are in contact with plastic from the moment we are born until we die.
We are experiencing one of the most dangerous crises of the last 80 years. The security of the world and the safety of all of us are apparently in the hands of one person: Vladimir Putin. How did we get to this situation? What can we do to avoid this tragedy? Do we have one or more nuclear explosions in the future?
Two components of global warming are CO2 or carbon dioxide and methane gas. These are the two gases called “greenhouse gases”. How much CO2 and Methane does the food industry produce? Is it part of the solution in our hands? Can we change our eating and transportation habits to reduce these two gases?
Of all the events that hold a central place in our lives, global warming is undoubtedly one of the most important and far-reaching events for everyone on the planet. However, it’s terrible impact is not appreciated, possibly even not understood by the bulk of the world’s population.
Latin America, is one of the richest regions on planet Earth, and yet we find some of the poorest areas in the world in the region. What happens, what is the origin of this inequality? When will Latin America come to enjoy social, economic, and political development and stability?
The economic, political, and social differences between the northern part of North America and the rest of the countries in the Americas have a historical foundation that is important to understand today. The future of Latin America can be one of the brightest for all nations and their citizens as Latin America is one of the regions, if not the only region on the planet, that has it all.
The violence in the country has exceeded what citizens are willing to tolerate. All the social groups making up the bulk of the nation, including local, state, and federal authorities, apparently reject and condemn violence. Is there a solution? If there is, what is the solution?
Before May 1st, 2023, there have been statements from high-ranking officials mentioning and warning about the escalation towards a nuclear war between the Russia of Vladimir Putin and the West; this is, NATO and the United States. Can you survive a nuclear war?
Years ago, 196 countries came together, acknowledging that human activity has impacted the planet's temperature since the industrial revolution. These many countries agreed to mount an offensive to limit the production of the culprit gasses and industrial activities, never to reach a global increase of 1.5 degrees Celsius. That goal has failed.
UFOs, the phenomenon of the last 5 decades. The subject of conversation that once was the reason for laughter and ridicule, even a good reason to be discredited and marginalized. Today we could easily talk about UFOs and even describe an evening sighting while relaxing at the beach without being chastised at all.
Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short, is not new. The concepts of AI were long ago visualized and enlisted for its development. In its most basic description, AI involves creating algorithms and models that enable computers to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. The pertinent questions for us humans circle whether AI can disrupt our living standards by forcing jobs to displacements.
As a global society, we have not only reached the temperature limit established by the Paris Agreement that would allow us to manage the increase in temperature on the planet gradually, but we have exceeded this limit. The Secretary General of the United Nations tells us that with this fact, global warming ends up starting a new and much hotter era on the planet.
This new year, 2024, as in all previous ones, we express our best wishes for a future, which although uncertain, we predict will be beneficial, full of opportunities for everyone and, of course, a new cycle of life that should bring more and better moments for every one us, our families, relatives, and friends.