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In recent months our news reports have been replete with stories of great importance and transcendent political, economic and social events. Almost every day the international theater is the platform of occurrences that in a way affect your life and the lives of all Americans. South America is in a torrid shaking from Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia to Venezuela. Lesser in turbulence but equally important, Central America continues exporting thousands of migrants representing some of the most complex areas to understand and help. Mexico has fallen to a widespread war between drug cartels in a bloody competition to position themselves to a better rank accessing the huge drug market in the United States. Drugs from South America channeled through Central and North America represent billions of USD in profit. Some of these drug organizations have reached such a massive economic and organizational machines status with enough economic, political and human resources to build tunnels, submarines, landing strips and to access United States military weaponry of any kind from grenade launchers to machine guns of any caliber you could imagine. The official police organizations in Mexico are not rival to the weapons utilized by some of the drug cartels envoys. The Middle East is a volcano about to produce the most dramatic eruption in human history. The majority of states of the region have a history of millennia immersed in a tumultuous and chaotic relationship, if any at all. Israel, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq and United Arab Emirates all have gigantic internal political and social problems. They all face internal dissatisfaction from their own people experiencing severe repression and oppression. Few days ago, the central government of Iran has brutally repressed a popular protest after the reaction of Iranians against an increase in the price of gasoline. Several thousand arrested, dozens of injured and one hundred killed. United States allies in the region, like Israel for example is about to jail their Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu indicted on criminal charges. Saudi Arabia is facing popular rejection here at home after the killing and dismemberment of Mr. Khashoggi an American citizen killed inside a Saudi consulate in Istanbul by the order of Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, king of Saudi Arabia. In Hong Kong the protest that began in June against plans to allow extradition to mainland China has been increasingly violent, with police shooting real bullets to protesters who in return are launching gasoline bombs (Molotov’s). In the European community, Germany is about to fall into a recession with the impact this economic circumstance could affect the entire European community. This event will be felt here at home soon. In Germany the migrant crisis has forced German Chancellor Angela Merkel to appease the increasingly vocal critics of her open-door policy on refugees by insisting that most refugees from Syria and Iraq would go home once the conflicts there had ended. This is a dramatic change of direction from the original path Mrs. Merkel set in 2017. In September 2017, we published an article linking terrorism in several European countries with the enormous nondiscriminatory arrival of migrants. The name of the article is: Is Terrorism in Europe Associated To Islamic Immigration? We invite you to read it again. In the African region there are very serious events of violence and human right violations. However, one of the many international elements directly affecting our life is the threat from Ebola. A disease discovered in 1976 near the Ebola river (Republic of Congo) emerging periodically from its unknown natural reservoir. This disease has infected many people in several African countries and has the potential of infecting people across the world as traveling from and to any African nation is now a daily routine. Finally, the worst of all events with a world-wide spectrum is the Earth-Warming-Event. Although this by itself deserves a special treatment, enough is to say that the potential consequences of this phenomenon (if predictions are true and with an exactitude close to expectations) are of a major impact in your life and in the lives of all people in this continent. As temperature continues to increase, agriculture will have an impact. How this impact will be, depends on many variables such as the type of plants, location, production and how the increase of temperature impacts the ground if any. If agriculture is affected by a reduction in the yield and/or nutritional content (or both) of grains, vegetables, fruits, etc. then the nutritional value of a food item is then reduced in size and content. This may also displace humans from agricultural centers. These people will than have the need to search survival someplace else, perhaps a city. As temperatures continue to increase water resources may be reduced in quantity and quality. This event by itself will generate huge masses of human migrating to regions with more water. This component is of a vast complexity. Please see a report produced by the United Nations title UN-Water-Inventory-2019. As temperature continues to increase, inland soils will dry off to a point of becoming useless for any human activity. Inland lakes, lagoons and swamps may become dust pools. This will result in displacement of humans; an inevitable result accompanied with an economic, political and social price. No matter what of the many potential facts we may observe, at the end of the process, the earth-warming phenomenon will generate the most impressive and never witnessed migration of humans in search of the ‘promise land’, this is a place with clean fresh drinking water and not subject to salinization due to sea water contamination. The following is a brief list of the top 15 countries with more freshwater resources in the world: Perhaps all this information exacerbates our peace of mind. Maybe all this absurdity is nothing else but the consequence of the fact that we have much more information than ever before, that we are today in the position of receiving information from any corner of the world. We can see real time how a police officer fights against a protester in downtown Honk Kong, or how thousands of migrant people attempt braking in at the border crossing between Germany and France, or how a glacier has lost substantial mass, or how temperature in Alaska has changed. So, the question is this, where are you in all these events? Is all a smoke curtain produced by the big boys to keep us busy? Are these problems for real? Shall we truly pay attention to some of them? Is indeed the world in which we live in jeopardy thanks to human activity? What do you think?
Countries with the Most Renewable Fresh Water Resources
Freshwater (Kilometers Cubed)
United States
European Union
Democratic Republic of Congo
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December, 3 2019
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