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Do You Know Your Texas State Parks?
After the state of Alaska, measuring 663,300 sq mi (square miles), Texas is the second largest state in the nation, with 268,597 sq mi. Picture the size of Texas compared to a few countries; for example, Spain is only 195,364 sq mi, Germany is 137,983 sq mi, the United Kingdom is 93,628 sq mi, France is 248,537 sq mi, and Italy is 116, 347 sq mi. When we hear that everything is BIG in Texas, that is true. The size of the state becomes much more tangible when driving through Texas. Nearly all we see in Texas is as big as its territory; freeways, schools, houses, highways, rivers, roads, trucks, cars, and even hamburgers, are gigantic! Among the many state treasures, Texas has a number of State Parks. Yes, Texas has 54 State Parks. It is amazing! When it comes to state parks and wildlife resources, Texas has a reservoir of State Parks, State Forests, State Fisheries, National Forests, National Parks, National Historical Parks, National Wildlife Refuges, National Recreation Areas, and National Seashores. State of Texas 54 State Parks • 4 State Forests •1 State Historic Site 5 State Fish Hatcheries • 5 State Fish Hatcheries •2 National Parks 4 National Forests • 1 National Historic Site •1 National Historic Park 10 National Wildlife Refuges • 2 National Recreation Areas • 1 National Seashore
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Abilene State Park Acton State Park Atlanta State Park Avalon State Park Balmorhea State Park Bastrop State Park Baylor University State Park Bentsen Rio Grande Valley State Park Big Spring State Park Birch Creek State Park Blanco State Park Bonham State Park Buescher State Park Caddo Lake State Park Cleburne State Park
Copano Bay Causeway State Park Daingerfield State Park Davis Mountains State Park Dinosaur Valley State Park Eisenhower State Park Falcon State Park Fannin State Park Fort Belknap State Park Fort Griffin State Park Fort Parker State Park Galveston Island State Park Garner State Park Goliad State Park Goose Island State Park Huntsville State Park
Texas State Parks
Inks Lake State Park Jim Hogg State Park Kerrville State Park Lake Bob Sandlin State Park Lake Brownwood State Park Lake Corpus Christi State Park Lake Whitney State Park Lockhart State Park Longhorn Cavern State Park Mac Kenzie State Park Martinez State Park Mission Tejas State Park Monahans Sand Hills State Park Monument Hill State Park Mother Neff State Park
Nails Creek State Park Palmetto State Park Palo Duro State Park Possum Kingdom State Park San Jacinto State Park Seminole Canyon State Park Stephen F Austin State Park Texas State Park Tyler State Park
State Forests E O Siecke State Forest Fairchild State Forest John H Kirby State Forest W G Jones State Forest
Blanco River Park
Balmorhea State Park
State Historic Site Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Site State Fish Hatcheries Jasper State Fish Hatchery Medina Lake State Fish Hatchery State Fish Hatchery Number 1 State Fish Hatchery Number 2 Wood State Fish Hatchery National Parks Big Bend National Park Guadalupe Mountains National Park National Forests Angelina National Forest Davy Crockett National Forest Sabine National Forest Sam Houston National Forest National Historic Site Fort Davis National Historic Site National Historic Park San Antonio Missions National Historic Park National Wildlife Refuges Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge Aransas National Wildlife Refuge Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge Buffalo Lake National Wildlife Refuge Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge Texas Point National Wildlife Refuge National Recreation Areas Amistad National Recreation Area Lake Meredith National Recreation Area National Seashore Padre Island National Seashore
Caddo Lake State Park
Padre Island National Seashore
Golden-Cheeked Warbler at Meridian State Park
Lake Amistad
Guadalupe River State Park
Padre Island National Seashore
Longhorn Caverns State Park
Battleship Texas State Park
In the middle of the decade of the 1980s, everyone surrendered to the cultural phenomena of Trivial Pursuit. About 43 years later, some folks from Texas still find a great attraction to what could be popular knowledge of the great State of Texas. You are invited to try answering some of the 24 questions about Texas State Parks. Answers are hidden from your view, however, if you place the mouse over the arrow mark symbol, you’ll see the correct answer. Have fun!
1. What state park is located in the “Sahara of the Southwest?” 2. Where was the last Indian battle fought in Texas? 3. What state park is on the largest naturally formed major lake in Texas? 4. What was the first state park in Texas? 5. What state park commemorates the fist Spanish mission in Texas? 6. What park preserves more than 100 dinosaur tracks? 7. Where would you go to see the “Lost Pines?” 8. What park is the headquarters for the official state longhorn herd? 9. What is the smallest state park in Texas? 10. What two parks preserve ancient outdoor art galleries in the Southwest? 11. What park offers visitors a railroad ride into the past? 12. What park is the northernmost breeding ground for the rare and threatened golden- cheeked warbler? 13. What is the only floating state park in Texas? 14. What state park is underground? 15. What group purchased Enchanted Rock and held it until the state could buy the park? 16. What park preserves the largest coastal live oak in the nation? 17. What state park offers airboat rides, canoe trails, observation blinds and camping platform in a marsh? 18. What state park preserves the Spanish Mission Nuestra Señora del Espíritu Santo de Zuñiga, built in 1749? 19. What three parks are located on coastal barrier islands? 20. What state park has a monument taller than the Washington Monument? 21. What park features maple trees that turn spectacular fall colors? 22. What West Texas state park features a 1.75-acre, spring-fed swimming pool? 23. What to parks commemorate the birthplace of former Presidents of the United States born in Texas? 24. What two state parks are located on the scenic Caprock Escarpment, which separates the High Planes on the west and the Rolling Planes on the east?
Revised on March 14 2023